Saturday, May 12, 2012

April Goal Update

Well, here we are, almost the middle of May and I have yet to report on how close I came to reaching the goals I set for April. 

There's a reason for that.

Big Project Goal:  Clean the Garage

I did make huge strides in the garage.  I cleaned the entryway and under the stoop.  I swept grunge and cobwebs off many of the walls.  I threw stuff out.  Ben put a new spring I found on the garage door and it doesn't go thunk when it moves now. 

The back of the garage is still in need of sorting and cleaning.  But the improvement is vast and makes me feel much better about the garage as a whole.  Now that the weather has, mostly, improved, I'm dedicating my out door time to the actual outdoors...weeding, transplanting, weeding, putting in annuals, weeding....

Daily Habit Development: Get to Bed on Time

This was just a great big failure.  I went through a couple of weeks where I just couldn't make myself go to bed. I'd find myself standing in the bathroom reading a magazine.  I was tired, I was sleepy, and yet I was up. 

I still think that adding this habit to my day would make a huge difference.  I still hope to get to the point where I'm going to bed around ten.  But for now, I'm just working on relaxing before I'm exhusted, so that when it's time to get into bed I feel like I'm ready for sleep, whatever time that may be.

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