Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bubble Bath

Nick loves bubbles. When I wash his hair he wipes the shampoo out of his hair and rubs it on my arms and laughs. He rubs them on his arms and then shows me how to make them go away by dunking his arm in the water. So I thought I'd give him an extra special treat tonight with his first ever bubble bath.

He watched closely as I added the bubble bath under the running water. He listened and heard the fizzing noise as some of the bubbles popped. He almost forgot about dumping his potty into the toilet he was so intent on getting into the tub.

I picked him up and set him on his feet in the warm, sudsy water. He squatted down. He howled. "No bubbles!" he cried. "No bubbles!"

"Honey, you like bubbles. These are just like the ones you get washed with but there's lots of them to play with!"

"No bubbles! Get out." Tears start to well up in his scared little eyes. "Get out!"

So there was no bath tonight. So much for my extra special treat.

When I tucked him into bed he told me "Tomorrow bath. No bubbles." Then he smiled at me, "Silly Mom."

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