Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Little Things to Remember

  • Overheard while Nick was "reading" in the other room: "X, A, F, B. Good job!"
  • But maybe it really was a good job, because reading G is for Gecko tonight I'd say Nick got 75% of his letters right. I knew that he knew some letters, but I was more than surprised at some of the ones he identified.
  • Luke has decided he loves his daddy. His face lights up with a big grin when Ben makes faces at him.
  • Nick twines his fingers through my hair when I sing to him before bed. Lately song requests have included the dump truck song, the cement mixer song, and the mac-cheese song.
  • If someone would hold him up, Luke would be perfectly happy to stand on his feet all day long. I'm cleaning off the exersaucer tonight. Tomorrow he'll be 16 weeks old. Already.

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