Monday, February 20, 2012

Lenten Plans with Little Ones

While I always try to do something outside my normal routine to mark Lent and prepare for Easter, I've never tried to get the kids on board with me.  This year seemed like a good time to start letting them in on what Lent is about.

We (which really means me) decided that we would only have dessert once a day during Lent.  Not that we always have dessert, but somehow during the Halloween/Christmas/Valentine's Day onslaught of candy, the kids started expecting that we would always have something sweet after a meal.  My three year old asks for dessert when he finishes his breakfast; I do draw the line there, though.

So we've been talking about this.  That it isn't a punishment, but a little thing we can give up each day to help us remember the big thing that Jesus gave up for us.  I think Nick gets it, but isn't very excited about it.  I'm pretty sure the other two don't have a clue, but that is alright too.  I'm just hoping they get a sense for what the season is about.

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