Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mid-Lenten Update

Although my kids were not super excited about plan to give up a dessert each day for Lent they have come around wonderfully. 

The first week there was whining after each meal.  But once we brought our rice bowl home from church something clicked with my oldest son.  I explained that by not eating dessert so often we would have extra money that we could put in the rice bowl to share with others who couldn't always buy food for the main part of their meals. 

Nick looked like a lightbulb had gone off.  "Oh, is that what we're going to do?"  And just like that, he was on board.  And since he was going along with it, the other two followed.

Today at lunch he wanted to have dessert and I reminded him that we wouldn't be able to have any for dinner.  He said that was okay with him, then looked at his sister and asked if she wanted to have dessert with lunch.  When she nodded he asked his brother the same thing.  He also agreed.  Sometimes Nick impresses me with his ability to work with his siblings. 

I'm rather disappointed in myself this Lenten season.  The sacrifices I had decided to make were not concrete, and honestly, not really that much of a sacrifice for me.  But last night I felt a pull to say a Rosary.  I can't remember the last time I did so, but it was before we moved into this house, so we're talking the better part of a year. 

I prayed and I could feel that it was good.  And very badly needed.  I may be several weeks late in getting into the true Lenten spirit, but I'm taking the better-late-than-never stance this time around.  I now have a concrete plan of how I want to honor the season. 

(I'm not going into detail on these plans for a reason.  Scripture tells us we shouldn't act like we're fasting, while we're fasting...we don't celebrate Lent for show.)

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