Thursday, April 12, 2012

April's (midmonth?) Goals

When I started writing this post it was the beginning of the month.  But, somehow, I never got around to posting it.  So without further ado, here are the goals I've been working on in April.

The Big Project

April's big project is the garage.  We don't actually park in the garage; I'm not really sure why this is.  What it means though, is that we can just stash stuff out there and then forget about it.  Ben actually got started on this for me earlier in the year so the main area is sort of clear. 

Mostly I need to sort out the junk from the stuff we actually use and want.  There are still a lot of miscellaneous items left from my grandpa and all of the stuff that we moved in with that just sort of got buried.  Some of it will go straight to the garbage, some in the yard sale pile, and whatever Ben says we still need I'll try to find a home for.

One I get the trash separated from the treasure, I actually need to clean the garage.  There are years of cobwebs out there to sweep off the walls.  Sand from the kids' toys needs to be swept out.  I've started by cleaning the door.  It looks much better, and I'm no longer afraid to push it open with my hip when my hands are full. 

The ultimate purpose of all this is so that I can move the ever-expanding pile of garage sale goods out of the basement and start organizing for the actual sale, which will be at the beginning of June.

New Habit to Form:

I considered taking a month off from this to work on maintaining the previous habit-goals I'd set for myself.  I really didn't do very well in March.  Although I continued getting up and showering right away, I bombed on writing in the kids' journals every week, and I wasn't very disciplined in exercising each morning.

But then I glanced over my master plan, which has ideas from which to draw these monthly goals and I realized that if I want these ealier habits to truely stick, it was time to begin working on another one:  Go To Bed On Time.

I'm so very bad at this.  I used to go to bed at ten or just a bit after every night.  But when there is no one here to go to bed with, I tend to find all sorts of little things that need to be taken care of before I head upstairs.  So while I think I'm going to bed at ten or so, by the time I'm actually in bed turning out the light it's after eleven.  Which just isn't enough sleep for me. 

I'm attempting to get my bedtime back to the 10 to 10:30 range.  That should make getting up in the morning easier.  And then instead of just stretching in the morning, I could sneak out of the house for  an early morning walk as the weather gets nicer and the sun rises earlier.

Mid-Month Confession

Since almost half the month has already slipped by, I will admit right now that I'm flat-out failing on the going to bed earlier business.  Last night I turned off the light at 10:50.  But I was up at 6:30 this morning, if that counts for anything.  Here's to improving my discipline over the next couple of weeks.

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