Thursday, April 5, 2012

My March Goals Results

My big goal for March was to paint Anna's room.  The blue-grey wallboard was not doing it for me when it came to my little girl's room.  So to cheer it up a bit I chose a creamy beige that makes the room feel much warmer and complements all her little pictures and knick knacks.

Thanks to my mother watching the little kids while Nick was in school one day, this was a success.    Everything got one good coat and 3+ walls got a thin second coat.  Unfortuantly, I then ran out of paint.  The blue splotches show through in the area behind the crib and wall hanging, so if I ever rearrange or redecorate I'm going to have to spring for some more paint to do a cover up. 

I was also supposed to be developing the habit of exercising daily.  I started out a little slow, but was into it by the second week.  The time change actually helped me fit it in each day because the boys were sleeping in a little later than they had been previously.  Then we had the most beautiful weather the next week.  It is so much easier to get out of bed when I don't start shivering as soon as I throw the covers back!

But then last week we returned to regular March-like weather and getting out of bed in the morning got a lot harder.  And then my in-laws were visiting for a few days.  And here we are in April. 

So while I wasn't successful at keeping up with this every day, I did learn that I like a little warm-up first thing in the morning.  I actually missed it on the days I didn't do it.  Even though ten minutes seems a little pathetic, it really made a difference in the beginning of my day.  My body felt awake and prepared to get going.  I didn't stand in the shower half asleep.  And since I liked it I don't think it's going to be too hard to get back on track and keep this as a daily routine.

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