Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Like mother, like daughter

After packing candy corn left from Halloween in my husband's lunch box this morning, I promised I would get some cookies made for a fresher dessert tomorrow.  But life happened and at nine tonight I realized that I had some cooking to do.  Happily I realized I had all the ingredients for no-bake Scotcheroos and wouldn't have to stay up all night shuffling cookie sheets.

Now, while positively delicious, Scotcheroos are not health food.  In fact, there is not one un-processed ingredient in them.  And while measuring out the one cup (!!!) of light corn syrup, I started to have a little mommy-guilt over my ingredients list.

But then a happy memory of corn syrup came to me.  When I was little (and still now, actually)  I didn't like milk on my cereal.  Sometimes, though, my mom would let me drizzle Karo syrup over Corn Chex or Rice Krispies.  That I liked.  Seriously though?  I can't believe she let me do it. 

Then I had to smile, because I remembered brown sugar sandwiches.  "What are brown sugar sandwiches?" you might be thinking.  Just what the sound like, my friend.  White sandwich bread spread with margarine, a fair layer of brown sugar pressed onto it, topped with another margarine covered slice of bread, and then eaten for lunch. 

In my mother's defense, we didn't eat either of these things on a regular basis.  But it was definitely not a one time thing.  For just a minute, while I was squeezing the last of the corn syrup out of the bottle, I wondered what she was thinking, feeding us food like that. 

And then I remembered that I'm the one who put chocolate chips in the peanut butter baked oatmeal I served my kids for dinner last month.

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