Thursday, April 30, 2009

Baby Noises

Luke is over three months old and still sleeping in our bedroom. And Ben hasn't even complained about it yet. So the question is...why is he still in our bedroom?

I think it's the noises. Those beautiful sighs and moans and squeaks that come out when he sleeps. I love those noises. Already they have changed from his newborn sounds (I'm tearing up, just thinking about that). They are the noises of a little boy who is totally safe and secure and at peace and I love to be reminded of that.

New noises have started. He laughs at Nick and me when we get him ready for his bath. Another beautiful sound. I can't wait for Ben to hear it.

And now I can hear him crying from the kitchen. Not so pleasant to hear, but the kid's got a good comic sense of timing.

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