Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Last week I made my first all-out, fill-up-the-cart grocery shopping trip with both boys. (How did I manage so long? I guess there are advantages to Ben being on 2nd shift.)

By halfway through the store Luke was hollering. I started just grabbing what I knew I needed and if someone else was in the way, well, that item could wait for the next shopping trip.

Since it was almost noon and I had no time to fix lunch, I picked up a rotisserie chicken on the way to check out.

The scan label on the chicken got stuck to my coupons. Got it off the coupons and stuck it to the handle of the cart so it would be handy to have the cashier scan.

With Luke in the sling, I tried to unload the cart. This was no easy task and the crying got louder.

The cashier came around to finish unloading the bottom of my cart for me. She chatted about having kids of her own and knowing how it was when they didn't cooperate with errands.

She dug the off chicken bar code, which had sealed itself completely to the handle of the shopping cart.

She was friendly while scanning my many coupons.

She waited patiently as I put my change away and dug out a tip for the bagger.

And she empathized when half the contents of my wallet then fell on the floor.

I realized on the way home that while she was being extra patient and friendly, I was so caught up in everything that was going wrong I hardly even answered her. I wanted to call the store and compliment her, but I hadn't bothered to look at her name tag.

So, thank you cashier at the commissary, for not making me feel worse for going through your line utterly disorganized with a screaming baby, but for actually making me feel better.

And thank you also to Nick, for sitting quietly while Mommy dashed around the store, bouncing Luke, and ignoring you.

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