Monday, April 20, 2009

Just a Day at the Park

We put aside the basement project for the day on Saturday and instead walked the few blocks to the park. I made sandwiches and threw some snacks in the backpack so we could sit by the pond and have a picnic. Nick thought this was pretty cool (it was his first picnic since he could eat real food) although he ate a total of about three bites. After we ate we put Luke in the stroller and played a few holes of frisbee golf. Nick would ahead run and pick up our discs for us. When we all got worn out we loaded Nick back into the stroller, Luke into the sling and headed for home.

It was the best afternoon I've spent since Luke arrived. I've missed doing things just as a family, just because they're enjoyable, not because they need to be done. It didn't require any planning or travel time. The hardest part of the day was finding the discs in the basement. I think I liked it for the simplicity of it.

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