Sunday, October 17, 2010

Super Saturday, but so much for Sunday

Autumn is my favorite time of the year and yesterday was just a perfect day. The sun shone, the breeze blew. It was warm enough for shirt sleeves, but not so warm that I broke a sweat.

While the boys napped I took Anna for a walk in the stroller. She's almost three months old and I think this was the first walk the two of us had taken by ourselves. It made me think back to when Nick was a baby and I was out with him in the stroller two or three times a much different now with the older ones around.

When we retruned from out mommy-daughter walk the boys came outside with us and played. I collected some flower seeds and weeded along the fence. Nick rode his tricycle and played parade. Luke pulled the wagon. Anna napped. We all enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air and felt good when we went in for dinner.

Today was not such a success. I started out running behind and never caught up. I did, grudgingly, let the boys play outside for a bit when we returned from church. I promised we'd be out more in the afternoon but we never went back out. Nick was dissappointed. I still feel guilty, especially knowing that the next week is going to be considerably cooler and rainier. Ah, mommy guilt.

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