Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Days of Gratitude

So I vaguely remember reading about this 31 Days things a few months ago and thinking, "Yeah, that'd be cool to join in with."  And then I promptly forgot about it.  Until today when FOUR of the blogs I read regularly (I only regularly read seven or eight, so that's a pretty high percentage) are posting exciting 31 Days topics with cute graphics and well thought out ideas.

Um, yeah.  I rarely have well thought-out ideas.  I certainly don't have cute graphics. 

But I do have the next 31 days.  And I have access to this here computer.  And, really, that's all I need, right? 

So for the month of October I will be blogging about Gratitude.  Gratitude for the simple things in a housewife's life.  In a mother's life.  Specifically, in my life.  And while it may or may not be of much interest to anyone else, I know that next October when I look back at these posts I will be oh so thankful that I wrote them down for myself to read and remember and be grateful for all over again.

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