Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 2: Easy to Please Kids

Don't let the title of this post fool you.  My kids can be as picky and as finicky as all get out.  Meals are complained about before they are even served.  Favorite pajamas in the washing machine at bedtime can lead to an all-out tantrum. 

But sometimes, when presented in the right way, the littlest things make them so happy. 

Over the summer I received three Halloween-type shirts from various people, all second-hand.  I tucked them away, as it was the wrong season.  So to celebrate the first day of October, I lined the kids up in front of me.  I pulled the shirts out one at a time from under my sweatshirt and presented them with a flourish to the new owners. 

They were so excited.  All three of them went back and switched the shirts they had picked out for the new one I'd just given them.  All day long Lucas and Anna talked about their cool (Luke's glows in the dark; Anna's sparkles) new shirts.  And I felt like a supermom for making it a treat and not just sticking them in the dresser drawers.

So today I'm thankful for kids who appreciate and enjoy simple things, like a holiday T-shirt.

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